Saturday, October 2, 2010

This is a pretty interesting story about a female college student who has compiled a "sex" list rating, ranking, and all together objectifying her male conquests. Its a role reversal of sorts but is really rather disturbing. This is an intense power point that goes into detail about each man's "hardware" and ability in bed. Though I'm sure this has stirred up enough controversy I can't help but wonder how much more of an uproar would have been made if the gender roles had been reversed. Its no shock that women have been objectified for centuries but thats no excuse to offer a book deal... as it appears someone has... to a female objecitfying men.

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  1. I feel that objectifying of women is something we've accepted in a different form since the "liberation" of women. Before women were "liberated" from Victorian perceptions of womanhood, they were legal objects. Now they are sexual objects. But in both cases they are called to order their lives to attract men, and men are called to order their lives to attract women. Some things will never change, although in modern times they take very disturbing turns toward eew and gross.